Great Boon For Farmers Can Come From Temples


Shivali Miglani is a Vedic Environmentalist, who is trying to solve modern environmental problems using ancient wisdom.  Shivali has graduated in Finance from London School of Economics and now works as a producer for Cowism Media and is the founder of Temple Panchgavya Project.

Temple Panchgavya Project helps convert temple offerings like milk, curd, ghee etc. into panchgavya. As per Vrikshayurveda Panchgavya is one of the most healing compounds and microbial cultures to rejuvenate our deteriorating soil. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers have proven Panchgavya’s efficacy as a soil conditioner, growth promoter, immunity booster and microbial culture that provides macro & micro nutrients to the soil and acts as a pest repellent in all kinds of crops! Growth promoting hormones in Panchgavya gives impressive crop yield and immunity boosting components prevent diseases in plants.

Source of our good human health is also eating nutritious naturally grown food, in soil enriched with Panchgavya. Temples do not have to invest anything for this project  and yet by the sale or Panchgavya or donation received in lieu of it, brings a constant flow of income and for farmers a cheap source of organic inputs. One single Abhishekam to our deity, which when converted into Panchgavya (as per the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University norms) can nourish 2 acres of land.

Like Lord Shiva, Temple Panchgavya Project is a great equalizer as well. The affluent can do the Abhishekams and the farmers can also receive Panchgavya as donation. Even the poisonous herbs offered to the Shivling can be used to make pest repellents. Panchgavya helps conserve biodiversity in soil by bringing back Nandis back in temples for obtaining gobar and gaumutra for making Panchgavya and pest repellents. This will also save the population of desi cows from declinging, which are most suitable for agriculture.

Shiv Purana, Chapter 16, 111-112 & Matsya Purana Chapter 56, 1-11 says that we should worship ParvatiPati Mahadev with Panchgavya. Agni Purana Chapter 178, Shloka 1 – 28, says Panchgavya should be offered to Jagadmata Parvati and Bhagvan Mahadev and the same should be distributed as prasadam. So this project is well in line with the scriptures as well.

Cowism, based on Sanatan Vedic wisdom, is the best solution to the ill-effects of capitalism. It is based on keeping the cow in the center of it all. Modern economists need to work in this direction if they were to really find solutions to contemporary environmental issues ailing the world. Like Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. This model of infinite returns can make India a Vishwaguru again.

For the upcoming Shivratri, when people offer tonnes of milk, curd, ghee etc. Shivali is driving a ‘Vedic Environmentalism Awareness Week’ from 12th February to 18th February 2023 to raise awareness to make Panchgavya from Panchamrit and pest repellents from poisonous plants offered to the Shivling. During this week from 12th – 18th February, Shivali will be conducting a 1 hour daily webinar to bring awareness about Vedic Environmentalism from 6pm to 7pm. The Webinar is open for all but one needs to register on the website to attend. You are also invited to participate in the Vedic Environmentalism Awareness Week as a leader by conducting awareness in a temple nearby.

Come let us wake up the Nandi!


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