Originally, rats and bandicoots are suspicious animals.  They quickly detect the furious poisons smell and abandoned.  So, the chemical poisons are not so successful in killing rats.  Instead, bandicoots can be effectively controlled by using fertilizer plant.

gliricidia is known for all farmers.  It is called as fertilizer plant. In fact, Greek people used this plant to control rats-bandicoots.  In Greek, “Gliri” means rat.  Because of such quality, fertilizer plant is called as Gliricidia.

Mix certain quantity of rice and gliricidia leaves in a closed tight container and keep it for 4 days.  Grinded leaves can also mix with rice.  It starts releasing acute foul smell in a couple of days.  Four days later, the mixture should be made into pellets and place it near burrows or in the way they havoc.  As rats- bandicoots are attract for the smell of foul rice, definitely they eat pellets.  Then they become queer and die.

If there are signs of eaten the mixture of gliricidia leaves and rice pellets by rats- bandicoots, if you didn’t find the dead rats, it just moved a bit and dead.  Most of the times rats- bandicoots will survive having food mixed with poison.  For this they do the strategy of drinking plenty of water. So the toxic will not effect on their digestive system.  But gliricidia consumed rats- bandicoots drink water they die immediately, because it is very effective.

Accidentally, if dogs, crow and other animals eat these pellets will not die.  This is a most surprising matter.  Only species like rats- bandicoots, squirrels die from having food mixed with gliricidia.  This is one of the numerous astonishment of nature.  By knowing, the Greek people are using this.  They are effectively control the rats- bandicoots.

NOTE: The senior Agriculture Scientist V.P. Hegde says, “The gliricidia leaves and rice should be in a specific quantity.  It will not be effective if its measurement varies”. For more information about this, you can contact- 9740340248


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