Use compost plant to eliminate rat infestation !


Rats and big rats are basically suspicious animals. Strong smelling poisons are quickly detected and avoided. That is why chemical poisons used to kill rats are not very successful. Instead of this, manure plant can be used to effectively control rat infestations. Gliricidia alfalfa is familiar to all farmers. It is called Gobarada gida.

In fact, this plant was used by the Greeks to control rats. Gliricidia means rat in Greek. It is because of this property that the manure plant is called Gliricidia. A certain amount of rice and Gliricidia leaves should be mixed and kept tightly covered in a container for four days. Finely chopped gliri leaves can also be mixed with rice. Within a couple of days it starts to smell strongly stale. After four days, this mixture should be made into balls and placed near the burrows of rats or in the way they roam. Attracted by the smell of stale rice

Mice – Rats will definitely eat pellets. Then get sick and die. There are signs that rats have eaten the rice ball mixed with Gliricidia greens, if the dead rats are not seen, they will have moved a little distance and died. Rats who have eaten food mixed with stone many times will survive. The trick to doing this is to drink plenty of water. Due to this, the poison is not effective on their genitals. But rats that have consumed Gliricidia die more quickly if they drink water. Because Gliricidia is so effective. Dogs, crows and other animals and birds do not die even if they accidentally eat these pellets.

This is a very surprising thing. The only organisms that die from eating a diet mixed with Gliricidia are mice, rats, and squirrels. It is one of the many wonders of nature. The people of Greece have known and used it. Rats have also been effectively controlled. Remember: “Gliricidia should be present in greens and rice in specific quantities. Even if there is a difference in its quantity, it will not be affected,” said senior agronomist V.P. Hegde says


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