Multipurpose inter cultivator machine

Dr. Nagaraj

,Machine Design and Developer, Head, Maruti Krishi Udyog Many difficulties are encountered while farming. Agricultural laborers are not available in time. Plowing by tractor is very expensive for small and medium farmers, who find it difficult to afford fixed hourly rates. Also, tractors are not suitable for intercropping. Apart from this, many more problems are faced while farming. All these were studied and Multipurpose Power Inter Cultivator was developed. It also works as a power weeder. Maruti Krishi Udyog has named this machine Multipurpose Power Inter Cultivator 63002/3 (Waver Weeder).Many Benefits Cultivating intercrops using multi-purpose electric intercropping has many benefits for the farmland and the farmer. At present many farmers do not have bulls. Frequent hiring of bullocks, tractors and tillers for farming increases the cost of farming significantly. Apart from that, if these intercrops are plowed with a machine, the use of these intercrops will be greatly reduced and there will be special benefits.

Less friction in irrigation results in less silt production and more rainwater containing various nutrients enters the soil. It not only increases soil fertility but also keeps agricultural land cool.

It is increasing day by day since the days when agricultural laborers were not available. When his help is not available in time, the weed rate increases. Crop growth is also affected. This problem can be solved with this intercropping machine. Weeds can be removed in time. The demand for organic agricultural products is increasing day by day not only in India but also all over the world. This intercropping machine does organic farming. As mentioned earlier, when plowed by this machine, the soil layers are loosened and the rain water is well absorbed into the soil. When plowed using heavy machinery, the soil of the agricultural land is hard and the rain water easily | It becomes difficult to inhale. This intercropping machine eliminates such problem.

Optimum growth of crops When farmers use power intercultivators for intercropping, all three functions are achieved together. Removes weeds, loosens the soil well and digging the soil on both sides of the crop helps the crop grow better.

Adequate mixing of nutrients helps compost to integrate well into the soil. The essence of these is that due to good soil penetration, the amount of organic fertilizers used from crop to crop will be reduced significantly.

his easy-to-use intercropping machine is designed to be very simple and easy to use by farmers. Maintenance is also costly. The quality grains installed in this machine not only plow the soil deeply but also completely submerge the soil harrow. The lines are also regular. Long-lasting soil moisture When plowed with this inter-tillage machine, the soil clods are thoroughly wetted, thus keeping the soil moist for a long time. Along with soil pH. value (soil ph value) maintains balance. These measures help in getting high crop yield even in low rainfall areas.

Seen Low Diesel Consumption This intercropping machine consumes very little fuel. One acre of field can be cultivated in two hours using one liter of diesel. It can intercrop four acres of farmland in eight hours. This machine can be used in all row crops. For example, this machine is suitable for intercropping in silk, groundnut, groundnut, banana, vegetable crops, oilseed crops and other crops. Apart from this, this intercropping machine can also be equipped with groundnut seeding equipment. .

rolley installation This machine also helps to transport agricultural related equipments, fertilizer bags li, spraying from one side to another side. Mainly this intercropping machine is designed and equipped with spraying equipment so that the farmer can do this work according to the relevant time.

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