Effective Insect Control on a Lower Budget


Care must be taken from the planting stage to grow quality crops. Proper control measures must be adopted to protect crops from these insect-flies. This should be followed by biological control methods. Doing so can provide high yields and quality crops. Blue sticky sheets & yellow colored glue assistants in this regard. The most advanced pheromone traps and lures are useful for catching fruit flies and vegetable flies.

Its causes are: Chemical pesticides are expensive. Using these can result in many kinds of adverse effects. Environmental pollution can be caused. The quality of the crops will fall. The use of more than the recommended quantity will also affect the groundwater. Soil health worsens.

In addition to this the farmer’s health will be damaged. Death occurs when fatal pesticides are not properly used. All such damage can be avoided by using blue sticky sheets, yellow colored glue traps. Thus the farmer’s income increases with decrease in his spending.
Blue sticky sheets: There are different types of insects that affect the crop. Blue sticky sheets help you catch these flying insects. These sticky sheets, designed by advanced technology, seem like a bunch of leaflets sprouted to fascinate the flying insects.

As soon as the insect settle on the sheet, the sticky element sticks the insect to itself. The number of insects that ,gradually get into the sheets increases. This technique keeps the crops safe. These are also called magic stickers

Aphids, white flies, Zassids, fruit flies, leaf miner insects (A leaf miner is the larva of an insect that lives in and eats the leaf tissue of plants) capsid (ligas), siirides, shore flies, leaf miner fly, fungus gingerbread, onion fly, cucumber beetles, frog fly, moth insects, flea beetles, cabbagewhite moths, black fleas , Wasps , midges etc. These are effectively controlled by Barrix pest control devices.

Product advantage: Blue sticky sheets help to protect all agricultural products from these insect crops, horticultural crops such as fruits-vegetables, indoor mushrooms, etc. Green houses management is expensive. If harmful insects are not controlled in this case, the gardening crop will be damaged. Blue sticky sheets also help preventing it.

Usage of the product: Pastel and yellow sticky sheets in green houses can be hanged in the windows near the entrance door. Insects that infiltrate these are caught up in the beginning. In the millet field these sticky sheets have to be constructed slightly higher than the crop level. Mainly the sheets should be provided proper light. In the growth of mushrooms these products can be placed across the benches in the growing space. The thrips, cabbage moggats leaf borer worms can be initially understood and can be controlled at a rapid pace


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