• Shivani Bekal

As you might already know, Civet Coffee is one of the rarest variants of Coffee in the world; it is made from the beans of Coffee Berries that are eaten by the Asian Palm Civet and this.  then passes through the Civet’s intestines, and then the beans are defecated, but do keep their shape.  The result is that we get an aromatic coffee that is much less bitter, lower in caffeine, and divine in taste.

The Civet cat has a ingrain quality of eating only the best coffee berries and its digestive system has some wonderful Proteolytic Enzymes.  that seep into the beans. making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. The civet cat eats flesh of the coffee cherries and not the bean. Natural enzymes in the civet’s stomach enhance the bean flavour and that’s why this coffee is unique.

The civet cat’s poop coffee is also known as luwak kopi.  civet coffee’s market price is extremely high as it is considered more nutritious than other varieties.  It also has a high cost of production because of the unusual method of producing it, as well as the processing and quality certification involved.

The coffee is being sold locally at Rs 8,000 per kg. With the low level of production and high certification costs, it is not yet feasible to export civet coffee. presently being sold under the local brand. company has decided to produce this coffee at a small scale in the country’s largest coffee-producing state. has also decided to open a café to serve this coffee locally.

Luwak coffee is sold for US $100 – $500  per Gulf nations and Europe, civet coffee is sold at   Rs 20,000–25,000 per kg !!!


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