Sticky sheets are also called as magic stickers. These special yellow sticky traps appear like a tender leaf foliage that spots the eyes of flying insects. The attracted insects are seated on the sheet and attached to sticky glue.

Other importance of sticky traps: Different species of insects and their density can be understood by the yellow traps. In addition to this it is possible to take integrated  pest management at different level of crop growth.


Colour of sticky traps is made at different wavelength by scientific research to attract insects. Both side of the sheet will attract the insects. This will enable to get rid of insects which are feeding on large number of crop species. A little space have been provided on the corner of the sheet to write about the insects attracted to the sheet.


Using yellow sticky traps are having huge advantages, viz. 1. Preventing inspect damage and protection of high value crop. 2. A particular species of insects prevailing in particular place can be traced. 3. Integrated pest management can be implemented. 4. It also assists entomologists who specialized in study of insects.

Sticky traps can be used in all types of field and horticulture crops. It can be used in poultry forms as it is an effective pest control method. For best results in field crops, it should be used from land ploughing stage to harvesting stage of crops.

Insects which can be effectively controlled using sticky traps are as follows

Fruit flies, leaf minors, seed bug, cyaridus flies , leaf minors, fungus gnats, onion fly, cucumber beetles, frog hoppers or flies, cabbage butterfly, microlepidopterns, black flies, flea beetles, midges, wasps, etc


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